Meet The Team


Group Trainer & Personal Trainer

For the past ten years, Cassie has worked as a group and personal trainer. In 2017, she founded Stronger You Strength & Movement Coaching in order to be able to focus on her passion – Growth and Empowerment.

She loves to motivate and encourage people to challenge themselves and step into the unknown. Her goal is to help others figure out how to workout so that they can have the strength and ability to do the things they want and love.

Cassie specializes in women focused training and she’s worked with a wide variety of ages and skill levels. Whether you want help in becoming more comfortable and confident in your body, or if you’re brand new to the gym and don’t know where to begin, or if you’re ready to be challenged to work outside your comfort zone, Cassie can guide you towards your goals. Get started today so that you can do what you want and love!

  • ISSA Certified Fitness Leader
  • ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader (GFL)
  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer (PT)
  • BCRPA Certified Weight Trainer (WT)
  • Pre and Postnatal Fitness

Cassie is an excellent instructor/trainer. She is encouraging and motivating.  I feel like she really listens to what you are saying and is always willing to help you find ways to move forward, not only in your physical journey but also mentally and emotionally.”  – Tracy


Personal Trainer

With 15 years of lifting experience, Luther brings with him a variety of styles and techniques that he incorporates into training.

Whether you are new to fitness and want knowledgeable guidance on movement and form, or if you’re an advanced athlete who wants to take training to the next level, Luther can do it all.

His training history includes CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Functional Training, Mobility Training, Gymnastic Training, German Volume Training, Compensatory Acceleration Training, and Strength Training for Fighters.

He specializes in Functional Movement, Mobility Training, Olympic lifting, and Powerlifting.

  • ISSA Certified Fitness Leader
  • Level 3 First Aid

“Luther is very respectful, open and understanding. I feel safe asking him questions and he is clear and honest in his responses. He also challenges me to move outside my comfort zones without pushing me beyond where I should go.” – Elizabeth