“I’ve been seeing Cassie since 2017 and I love every class that I’ve taken.  Circuit, boot camp, cardio and heavy lift; they’ve all been challenging and rewarding.  Cassie changes up the routine so you never get bored. And you get results! I’ve lost inches and in the space of a year (after I started heavy lifting) I hit my goal of deadlifting 150 lbs. 
Cassie is upbeat and adaptable. If you can’t do an exercise because of physical limitations, she’ll have an alternative for you.  She’ll cheerfully encourage you to push your limits all the while reminding you to listen to your body and slow down or take a break if you need to. I highly recommend her classes.


“Over that past two years, I have participated in the Stronger You program. Joining Stronger You and meeting Cassie is the best thing that I have done for myself.  I enjoying going to the classes, and Cassie is an excellent instructor/trainer. She is encouraging and motivating.  I feel like she really listens to what you are saying and is always willing to help you find ways to move forward, not only in your physical journey but also mentally and emotionally.  She is knowledgeable and creates an atmosphere where the woman in the class feel confident and encourage one another.”


“I’ve been going to Stronger You twice a week for four months and I love it!! In such a short time, I have gained a stronger and better toned body. When I joined, I was experiencing long time problems with my knees and I hoped this might help. It has been amazing!! My knee problems are now minimal, which is amazing.
Cassie is meticulous with the correct technique while we are doing the exercises, and conscientious about suggesting adaptations when needed. Cassie knows each of our needs with each exercise, and takes the time to check with us individually over the hour as to whether the weights, machines, or exercises feel right, if we need any adaptations, how we felt after the last session, etc. I also like the variety that each challenging session offers. They are always different from the session before.
Being encouraged professionally along the way, in an easy-going and friendly manner by Cassie, has inspired me to really focus on the exercises.
This program is exceeding my expectations. I highly recommend Stronger You.”


“Thanks to Cassie and her Stronger You classes I have greatly improved my body strength, flexibility and overall health. Cassie’s knowledge about fitness, positive attitude and encouragement provides everyone with the motivation to get the most from each class and have some fun at the same time. The workouts are varied to suit personal needs and address the physical abilities of her clients. Throughout each session Cassie monitors the stance and posture of each client to ensure maximum benefit is achieved in a safe manner. Her classes are a perfect fit for me and I’m happy to recommend her.” 


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cassie.  In addition to being very knowledgeable and passionate about your fitness goals, she is caring and kind and always makes you feel important. She makes exercise fun and challenging at the same time!”