Stronger You

I’m a certified coach

and personal trainer, specializing in women’s fitness and strength and movement coaching. I’ve been in the industry over six years, instructing boot camps, spin classes, circuit training, and personalized coaching sessions.

I initially entered this field because I had a body that I wanted to change. I was unhappy and depressed and hated looking in the mirror. My ego called me fat and ugly on a daily basis.

I joined a boot camp and my body changed. First, I had a bit more energy. Then my arms developed definition. And finally, I noticed my body fat reduced. I looked a bit more attractive in the mirror. But I hadn’t become stronger.

My journey into strength development started with my journey inward, into emotional integration work. I began to shift the emotional baggage from my past, which had weighed me down in body and spirit. I had to let go of the importance of personal appearance and ultimately accept myself just the way I am. Limiting beliefs that once stopped me from growing dissolved and transformed into my greatest allies. My belief in myself grew. My connection with my deeper Self expanded into a greater awareness. And in this awareness, I found my strength.

I implemented the knowledge

I’ve learned along the way and I picked up new techniques and tools. I started the Stronger You program so that I personally would grow stronger. Yet, in the program’s expansion, I developed a method to coach and guide others.

Today, I continue my strength journey, challenging myself to grow beyond my comfort zone. My personal goal is to perform ten full pull ups. And every day I also focus on growing my relationship with my Self and the woman I see in the mirror.

My hope is that one day, all women may connect with their inner strength. This strength can move mountains. This strength can transform the planet. This strength is our true being.

This strength resides within.

And only when you believe in your own strength will you truly become a Stronger You.